Our strong presence with the latest Last Mile Technology infrastructure provides for a very cost effective and reliable accessibility to the Internet and other services offered through Excell Media.
Fibre To Home

Optical Fibre Cables are finding wide application in long distance communication networks. High bandwidth applications make use of optical fibre cable requisite. The fibre scores over the conventional copper based network with its superior characteristics.

Optical fibre cables have several advantages when compared with the copper-based cables, the prominent ones being, that the fibre has very large bandwidth, it is light in weight, inert in nature and there exists very little amount of cross talk between the fibres.

Fibre cable is very difficult to tap into compared with copper cable that radiates a copy of the signal passed through it. For this reason Fibre optical cable is used frequently in military installations.

The use of optical fibres as the main backbone of most communication systems has meant that large amounts of information can be efficiently and cost effectively transferred from point to point. For example Fibre optical cabling would be used to connect around a large building area or between buildings.

This technology today is rapidly coming down in price. Optical fibre is generally used in SCS (Structured Cabling Systems) within the backbone component.

Key Benefits
Provides Bandwidth / Speed / Increased network performance.
This technology will last longer in the rapidly moving world of IT.
A single fibre can carry the conversations of every man, woman and child on the face of this planet, at the same time, twice over. The latest generations of optical transmission systems are beginning to exploit a significant part of this huge capacity, to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for data communications and the Internet.
Optical fibre applications:
telecommunications, for high speed operator networks , ATM technologies,
television, for cable operators networks, together with coaxial cable which is used for the final connection to the subscriber,
Fibre-optic networks are well established as a secure and reliable medium for long-range business connections. Now Excell is bringing those benefits to home users as well in adition to business users.

Excell Media's Hybrid Access technology including fiber in the last mile offers service accessibility right from 64Kbps to 100Mbps catering to multitude customer requirements.

A hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network is a telecommunication technology in which optical fibre cable and coaxial cable are used in different portions of a network to carry broadband content such as video, data and voice.

Using HFC, a local CATV company installs fibre optic cable from the cable head-end (distribution centre) to serving nodes located close to business and residential users, and from these nodes pulls coaxial cable to individual businesses and homes.

An advantage of HFC is that some of the characteristics of fibre optic cable (high bandwidth and low noise and interference susceptibility) can be brought to closer to users without having to replace the existing coaxial cable that is installed all the way to their homes and businesses.

Both cable TV and telephone companies are using HFC in new and upgraded networks and, in some cases, sharing the same infrastructure to carry both video and voice conversations. The following lists four reasons why cable TV and telephone companies are upgrading their facilities to HFC:

The use of fibre optic cable for the backbone allows more data to be carried than coaxial cable alone.
The higher bandwidth supports reverse paths for interactive data flowing back from the user.
The infrastructure with fibre optic cable is more reliable than coaxial cable. Reliability is important in an interactive environment.
Fibre optic cable is more efficient for interconnecting cable TV or phone companies that are consolidating with geographically adjacent companies.
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